Protect Your Essential Business Information – DLP Event – 26th Feb 2010 – Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge

How would you know if your data had leaked into the wrong hands?

Consider the impact if your most confidential data was inadvertently leaked over email, erroneously posted to a public Web site, or left unsecured on a laptop or USB drive.

If it were customer information, would it violate PCI or HIPAA regulations? If it were intellectual property that was lost, what would be the long-term financial impact to your profit margin? And if it were happening right now, how would you know?

Join us for a Data Loss Prevention Briefing on February 26th at Mercedes Benz World and find out how Websense prevents data leaks and can help secure your competitive advantage by enhancing compliance, managing risk and securing business processes.

Can you handle it – Mercedes Benz Driving Experience

We will also be offering two attendees the chance to take part in a Mercedes Benz Driving Experience on the Handing Circuit

With a variety of straights and turns designed to test your control and skill, you will learn as much about your driving techniques as you will about the excellent handling and performance of the car.

All other guests will be treated to a full guided tour around the exhibitions and get up close to the famous Gullwing and Maybach.

Friday 26th February 2010
09:00am – 3:00pm

Venue Details

Mercedes Benz World

AMG Conference Suite
Brooklands Drive
Surrey KT13 0SL

Sorry – Registration is now closed for this event

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