Krome Technologies support the Elizabeth Foundation, sponsoring Rik Vercoe to run North Pole Marathon

Krome Technologies are happy to support the Elizabeth Foundation by sponsoring local man, Rik Vercoe, to run the North Pole Marathon.

Raising money for a good cause.

Rik has been training to run the marathon at the North Pole in April 2010, in order to raise money for “The Elizabeth Foundation”.  As a keen runner and having participated in the London marathon, as well as other similar events, Rik wanted to do something different, and saw this as an ideal opportunity to raise funds, and the profile, of this UK childrens’ charity.

About the Elizabeth Foundation.

The Elizabeth Foundation is a national charity supporting infants and pre-school children with hearing loss; providing  support and encouragement for them and their families.  It is the Elizabeth Foundation’s belief that every deaf child has the right to be given the opportunity of learning to listen and communicate, see their website for more information about the Elizabeth Foundation and their work.

About Rik.

Rik is a site director for the contact centre “The Listening Company” who are also sponsoring him to compete in the event.  Rik has been training for over a year; running approximately 45 miles a week, in preparation for this event.  His total training schedule for the North Pole marathon was around 18 months, and included the completion of the Polar Circle Marathon, as well as taking part in a 45 mile event on Jan 16th as part of his training regime.

Why Krome?

Rik’s aim was to raise at least £5000 for The Elizabeth Foundation by participating in the North Pole Marathon.  With The Listening Company’s sponsorship he got off to a good start, but in order to maximise the funds raised for his chosen charity, Rik approached the Directors of Krome for further sponsorship, as well as other local organisations, to provide their support.

Krome are proud to champion the causes of local charities, and freqently donate IT equipment and monetary support to causes they believe in.  Having seen the preparation Rik put into the North Pole Marathon, Krome agreed to help him to raise money for the foundation.

You can follow the event’s progress here: North Pole Marathon

Everyone at Krome wishes Rik good luck and a safe return from his challenge in the North Pole!

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