Krome’s Casino Thirsty Thursday Client Networking Event

Krome host the first Thirsty Thursday of 2016

Krome kicked off Thirsty Thursday this year in style as the team welcomed clients for food and drinks in the private Vault room for an evening of networking with the Krome team in our underground casino themed venue.

With dark walls and a grand chandelier, surrounded by safety deposit boxes and bullion cages, guests entered through the vault door greeted by a champagne reception to catch up with the Krome team whilst enjoying some food, a few drinks and a flutter on the roulette table.

As the table warmed up and their competitive sides started to show, guests reminisced of days gone by in Las Vegas. High rollers started to dominate the table and a final battle between the two roulette table leaders resulted in a final all-or-nothing showdown which saw a clear winner with a grand total of $103,000 Krome fun money.

All clients started the evening on an even playing field with a $400 stake each and totals were calculated at the end and exchanged for prizes.

Thank you to all those who also took part in our Twitter #KromeTT competition. The winning tweet was awarded at the end of the evening for their witty, complimentary content and action packed picture of the evening. We have retweeted the winner on the @KromeTech twitter page, we look forward to continuing this in future Krome events.

Plans are now underway for the summer Krome Thirsty Thursday event which will be held early June where we hope to see as many, if not more of our clients in attendance.