Krome Technologies Launch Virtual Desktop Packages

Krome Technologies provide ‘pre-packaged’ solutions around Citrix Xen Desktop and Xen Client.

With the recent launch of  Xen Client by Citrix, the benefits of desktop virtulisation can now extend beyond environments with fixed connectivity, to laptop and notebook users, providing the benefit of centralised management and security, whilst maintaining a flexible user experience.

Taking advantage of technologies such as “Flex Cast” and the “HDX” high definition user experience, provided within Citrix Xen Desktop, allows organisations to provide their users with systems that meet all their needs; without sacrificing on quality of delivery.

Having already completed a number of successful Xen Desktop rollouts, Krome are offering pre-packaged solutions which make it easier for people new to VDI to implement their desktop virtualisation projects.

The packages are fully configurable and can be tailored to meet individual requirements, but give an initial indication of the costs to implement a VDI environment. In many cases a proof of concept can be agreed and provided upon request.

Details about Krome’s ‘VDI-In-A-Box’ solutions can be accessed here: VDI in a Box

Please contact your Krome account manager for further details.

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