Krome Technologies is offering a free of charge audit of your Microsoft Desktop estate

Organisations are increasingly aware of the contractual obligations associated with their software.

Compliance has  become a major focus for vendors, with a significant  increase in vendor audits across all market sectors.

One of the most challenging tasks posed to businesses, is to move beyond simply identifying installed software in their environment; and to reduce costs by harvesting and utilising existing licenses, as well as identifying vulnerabilities.

Krome’s Licence Management tool can achieve this.

  • In order to prove the value of our Licence Management tool Krome is offering a free of charge audit of your Microsoft Desktop estate
  • The only information required from the client includes inventory data; easily garnered with the use of a number of existing utilities, and a letter of authority allowing Krome to procure a consumption report from Microsoft.
  • The audit will be produced within 5 days of Krome’s receipt of this data.
  • The results will published using Krome’s web based license tool; detailing any areas of non-compliance, and highlighting any existing licences available for reuse.
  • Krome will then advise you on how to address any problem areas in the most cost efficient way.


  • High-level overview of your Microsoft desktop compliance position
  • Ability to  immediately identify  licence harvesting opportunities
  • Re-negotiate licence agreements on real time data
  • Strengthened position when audited by Microsoft

Sorry – This offer is no longer valid

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