Dell and EMC partners seek reassurance over potential deal conflict

Rupert Mills, Krome Technologies Technical Director, talks to CRN UK about the possible conflict for the largest ever merger between Dell and EMC. 

Dell and EMC partners have urged the two vendors to tackle any potential conflict over deals as quickly as possible following their formal merger.

Next Wednesday will see the birth of Dell Technologies as Dell and EMC formally tie the knot in the tech industry’s largest ever marriage. The respective channel programmes won’t formally be merged until 1 February, and partners have called on Dell to make minimising conflict between the respective partner bases a priority in the meantime.

Rupert Mills, managing director of Dell Premier partner Krome Technologies, said the merger would open up wider opportunities for his firm, and was particularly excited at the prospect of Dell launching VSAN appliances on the back of the deal.

But he warned there could be a five-month period of “semi-chaos” in the channel if the enlarged vendor fails to manage potential conflict between the two sets of partners correctly.

Rupert Mills Krome MD

“The biggest challenge will be maintaining or managing deals and how they play out between people who have partnerships on either side of the fence,” Rupert Mills, Krome Technologies

“We don’t want to end up competing where we shouldn’t be with other partners. Managing the partners competing against each other will be the key to the early stages of success.”

“They need to try to merge their deal management systems as quickly as possible. We have had reassurances from the Dell side of the fence that they will be addressing that very quickly.”

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