Actifio Webinar: Big Data, Simple Solution – Tues 30th April

Overcoming the Enterprise Storage Explosion with Copy Data Management

In 2013, organisations will spend more money storing copies of data than they do storing production data itself. If you’re dealing with a storage explosion right now, strong odds are that excess “copy data” is the real cause.

Tuesday 30th April 2013 10:00AM – 10:30AM

Find out how Actifio is changing the storage landscape by joining us for this Webinar and find out how Actifio’s ground-breaking copy data management technology works and how it can provide up to 90% lower TCO for data management and protection.

Actifio is radically simple copy data management and stops the data storage explosion by addressing its root cause: the siloed storage data applications creating, moving, and storing copy after copy of everything in production.

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